Feedback Double bass

Thanos Polymeneas tries the instrument This project builds on the work of Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (among others) and he consulted with us during the process.

The first project to roll through Studio Spetons is a collaboration with danish double bass player Adam Pultz. Becoming aware of each other’s work we found that we have much in common and decided to collaborate on augmenting a double bass combining elements from our respective practices. See a brief description here:

Augmenting the Double Bass from Adam Pultz Melbye on Vimeo.

This project is in continuation of Adam’s investigations of his own method of augmenting his instrumentSee here and my project the halldorophone. We also build on the work of my colleagues from the Emute Lab at The University of Sussex, Alice Eldridge and and Chris Kiefer, with whom I have collaborated on their feedback cellos since a 2016 ICLI workshop on this method of augmenting string instruments. Another Emute colleague, Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris has previously modified a double bass in similar ways (building on the projects mentioned above) and has documented the process. The modification makes use of the versatile Bela as an audio engine and interface (with CTAC) and the Nu pickups made by Cycfi, we had expert assitance from Orfeas Moraitis on powering these components for minimal noise in the system (a tricky endeavour which will have it’s own documentation soon).

It was a delight to put Spetson to use for the two sessions of work in May and June of 2019, and to find that the space is surprisingly temperate in early summer heats in Athens. It is obvious that the ready instrument is a starting point and that there is much to investigate through peformance and experimentation on the software side. We expect to publish findings in coming years.

This work has been supported by the Nordic Culture Fund’s OPSTART funding scheme.