As part of my PhD with Thor Magnusson and Chris Kiefer at Emute Lab, University of Sussex. I am building two halldorophones set for completion in 2019. Dubbed The Sisters. This one is at Spetson and being worked on:

The instruments are close to being identical but this one has analog electronics (as halldorophones have had so far) while the other one is equipped with a Bela, an open-source digital platform for low latency audio processing allowing for flexible reconfiguration of control mapping and onboard DSP (the Bela team has made a nice blog post about our collaboration) The digitally endowed halldorophone resides at the University of Sussex and is being investigated by musician collaborators. The final configuration of the controls and connectivity of the instrument will be decided based on their findings and some further user testing this coming fall.

Both instruments have Nu pickup capsules from Cycfi Research and this required some reworking of the halldorophone preamp, mixing stage and power supply. The electronics design was done by a new collaborator here in Athens, Orfeas Moraitis and the new instrument has already found use in the hands of Michalis Moschoutis on a film score and had a public debut here in Greece in a talk by myself at the Borderline festival hosted by the Onassis Cultural Foundation.

At Borderline festival 2019. Michalis to the left, Halldór to the right