I’m an icelandic artist and designer, educated in Finland and mostly work on my project the halldorophone these days. I was previously employed as fabrication-daddy (let’s pretend that’s a word) at the Department of Design at the Iceland University of the Arts where I managed the department workshop, developed and taught curriculum for CAD and CAM and taught interdisciplinary courses on musical instrument hacking and design as a part-time lecturer in Music and adjunct of Product Design.

I’m currently doing a PhD in the UK and trying to live in Athens, Greece although I am not really able to spend very much time there at the moment.

A more proper, copy pastable bio in the third person in case you need it:

Halldór Úlfarsson (icelandic, 1977) is an artist and designer pursuing a practice based PhD on musical instrument innovation at the Department of Music, University of Sussex, UK as of fall 2017.

Halldór´s artistic practice is focused on his project the halldorophone an electro acoustic string instrument he has been developing for over a decade. The work consists of evolving the design of the instrument and instigating collaborations with artists and institutions on it’s use. A common narrative thread in these works is contemplation on the identity of a new musical instrument aspiring to become part of the canon of accepted musical instruments.

Halldór vas previously employed at the Design Department at the Iceland Academy of Art Design Department as adjunct of Product Design and workshop technician for the department. He received his basic training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Department of Time and Space. He holds an MA from the same department and a further MA from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (then TAIK, currently Aalto) in Applied Art and Design.

Halldór speaks Finnish (of which he is exceedingly proud) and lives in Athens, Greece when he is not in the UK or Iceland.

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